Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to make Wind Power - Residential Wind Turbine System.

If you want to start saving on your monthly electricity bill for your home then now is the time to do it. One way you can save on your power expenses is by learning how to make wind power for your own home. However in order to make electricity from wind you need a residential wind turbine.

With a wind turbine system you’re able to convert wind energy into useable electricity. When using it for home use you need to understand how it will work within your household. The most important thing to consider is if you use a wind turbine system it needs to be connected to your local power unit meaning it will run along with your normal power source. Depending on wind speed (normally 10 miles per hour is required) you can generate electricity for your home and power your appliances and other tools that you would normally would with hydro power. Wind turbines is basically a large wind mill type rotor that is turned with the wind, as the wind increases the rotors picks up speed thus generating more electricity. This is known as the mechanical motion/ kinetic energy to electricity process.

If wind conditions are strong and the wind power is fast enough you can generate sufficient power through your residential wind turbine system to run your entire home. With is, there is no need to rely on your local power utility. If the wind turbine is producing too much power that will be unused by your home you can sell it back to your power company through the electric meter.

However in case, the electricity produced in your residential wind turbine system is not sufficient, then the local utility will help increase the electricity output in your home. If the wind speed is lower than 7 miles per hour, then the wind turbine system will become offline and you will draw your whole power from the local utility system.

If winds are not strong enough and not producing enough power through the residential wind turbine system (windmill) then electricity will be drawn from the local utility into your home. For this to happen winds need to be 7 miles per hour or less. When this happen your wind generator is will be shut down and you will rely on the local utility 100%

Having this type of system can drastically reduce the monthly home power bill and sometimes eliminate it completely. One thing to note is these wind turbines are suited for farms and residential homes, anything smaller will work with lower efficiency.

You don’t have to buy a wind turbine system, this will cost thousands, but you can learn how to make wind power electricity by building your own DIY wind power turbine.

There are plenty of guides online that can teach you how to make wind power for under $200.

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